The Flockbox is a unique and versatile flocking device that allows flocking of small to medium size objects at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a commercial flocking device.

'Flock' is nylon fibres like fine hair and is available in a huge range of colours, it is used to create the velvet feel on objects such as jewelry boxes, car dashboards, toys or longer flock can be used to create realistic looking grasses in miniature.

The Flockbox uses an electrostatic charge to attract the flock fibres onto your glued surface resulting in the fibres standing on their ends in the glue to produce a carpet effect.

This website shows some of the uses for Flockbox but there will be countless other applications it can be used for by imaginative arts and crafts users.

My own area of interest is making realistic grasses for small scale models and wargame figures which is where my inspiration to develop the Flockbox originated and what this website focuses on.

I have made informative guides on how to best use the Flockbox for making model grasses and other uses. This information can be relevant for many other applications and used as a reference where required.

For me flocking different items is fun, compelling and a creative experience, I hope you experience the same satisfaction.