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Flockbox 'Fusion'

What is the Flockbox?

The Flockbox is a versatile flocking device that allows flocking of small to medium size objects.
You can either hold an object over the metal plate to be coated with flock or you can use the cables to attach
a metal sieve and flock a larger area such as a model railway board to produce realistic looking grass areas.

What is Flock?

'Flock' is nylon fibres like very short hair and is available in a wide range of colours and lengths. Flock is used
to create the velvet feel on objects such as jewelry boxes, car dashboards, toys or longer flock can be used to
create realistic looking grasses in miniature.

How does the Flockbox work?

The Flockbox uses an electrostatic charge to attract the nylon flock fibres onto a glued surface,
the flock fibres jump towards that object and sit in the glue standing on their ends to produce a uniform carpet layer.
My website warpainter.net shows some of the many uses for the Flockbox. There will be countless other
applications it can be used for by imaginative arts and crafts users.

How did the Flockbox originate?

I used to be a full time wargame figure painter who was frustrated with quality of the model grasses available and
the limitations of the very expensive flocking devices at the time. This is where my inspiration to develop the Flockbox originated.

Please note I invented this metal plate on a box type flock applicator so beware of any imitation devices using my idea.

For me flocking different items is fun, compelling and a creative experience
I hope you will experience the same satisfaction.

Flockbox reviews

The Flockbox has attained a great reputation and has has equally good reviews.
The 'Beasts of war' guys have made a couple video reviews along with 'Model dad's' and the terrain tutor.

Flockbox features

  • Runs from a 9v (PP3) battery which is sufficient for most work
  • Also runs from a mains DC power adapter at 9v or 12v which gives a more powerful performance
  • Comes with quality 900mm cables red and green to match the red and green sockets on the Flockbox
  • The cables are long enough to work away from the Flockbox to flock areas such as model terrain
  • Uses an aluminum top plate which conducts better than steel and keeps the Flockbox weight light
  • An instructional DVD is included with tutorial videos made by 'The terrain tutor' from YouTube
  • Detailed PDF tutorials are also on the DVD to demonstrate how to make grass tufts and bushes etc

Items supplied with the Flockbox
  • 900mm green and red cables
  • 2x Crocodile clips
  • Battery power case with on/off switch
  • Printed paper manual
  • Samples of silicone paper
  • DVD with tutorial video, manual, detailed PDF tutorials, suppliers links, power adapter guide and sample gallery pictures
The approx dimensions of the Flockbox are: 180 x 120 x 45mm (7 x 4 3/4 x 1 3/4 inches)

Items NOT supplied with the Flockbox
  • You will need to purchase a 9 volt (PP3) battery
  • For greater power performance you can purchase a 9v to 12 volt DC power adapter
  • The metal household sieve shown in the pictures is not supplied but are very cheap to buy anywhere
  • No 'static grass' flock is supplied
  • See my website for a comprehensive list of suppliers links www.warpainter.net/Suppliers.html
Caution notes

The Flockbox is NOT recommended for people with heart pacemakers or other internal medical electronic devices as it has not been tested for them.
It is possible to sustain static shocks when using the Flockbox but I have had countless shocks which are more of a surprise than painful
This is not a toy and must be kept away from children

The Flockbox is a legally protected design

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